Finding My Blogging Voice…and Making it Look Good

Over the course of this semester I’ve really worked on finding my blogging voice. I started off writing in a more formal tone, using descriptive vocabulary and long, complex sentences. Then I experimented with a super informal, conversational voice. Neither seemed that natural. And, now in writing this at the end of the semester, I think that sounding natural and genuine is the essence of a good blog post; I’ve started to embrace the idea that it’s all about being “in the moment,” and I think that this medium of writing is best suited to capturing what the writer is thinking now. It’s well adapted for spilling your thoughts. That’s not say that a good blog post has to be a stream-of-consciousness jumble of text or ramble. It can be organized and thoughtful. But it’s a reflection of your thoughts in your¬†voice¬†– you don’t have to mold it to someone else’s standards.

This paragraph might seem slightly unrelated, but it’s late and I have another thought about blogging and just writing in general on my mind. It might be just me, but do the aesthetics of a writing ever affect the content of what you are saying? Like, for example, does the fact that this blog’s font is Georgia ever cause you to write a certain way? It does for me. I think it actually helps a lot because it looks really clean and professional. Kind of like how I’ll definitely write better if I have a sharp pencil versus a dull one. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a very visual person. But the aesthetics really matter to me, and making writing look aesthetically pleasing also does a lot for the content that I end up writing.

2 thoughts to “Finding My Blogging Voice…and Making it Look Good”

  1. You bring up a really interesting idea in your second paragraph, and I think that’s definitely a new consideration that comes with the abilities of technology to manipulate the appearance of our work. For me, I know that I wanted my portfolio to have a pretty minimal aesthetic because I feel like it provides some clarity and focus to my writing. I don’t think this minimalism is necessary or anything to effective writing, but it’s definitely important to make conscious decisions about those sort of things.

  2. I like the second paragraph. It looks like you really have broken out of that formal tone. I know I’ve talked about it on here before, but I am really big on the look of things. I think I have a slightly obsessive idea about the way things need to look and how that effects perception. So, I totally agree. This whole sleek white look, the orange and purple, the georgia font- they all make me feel a certain way when I write too. Not just you

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