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Well, after a lot of hours spent huddling over my computer and fumbling through the Wix editing interface, I can say I’m done.  My final portfolio was really a unique opportunity to redisplay myself and my work for the semester in a way that demonstrated a common theme.

Throughout the introduction of my portfolio, I present myself as someone who is empathetic.  Empathy is the process of shared feeling beyond understand.  I am constantly reframing situations and my actions through the eyes of others recognizing that individually perceived truth is merely a single perspective in a spectrum of opinion.  For better for worse, my actions are calculated, constantly taking into account my surroundings.

But who I am lead me to take some unique chances in the MIW gateway course.  For both my repurposing and remediating pieces, I chose to imagine what Tinky Winky, the Teletubby who was famously snubbed as being a homosexual, would be doing today.  I imagined him having the attitude of a self righteous and proud actor, whose television lodged in his stomach was now a wide screen due to his large weight gain.  Sitting in a living room as a home entertainment system, I wrote about Tinky Winky realized he wasn’t a improv performer, but more a screen people were looking through.  I know what you’re thinking- yes this is ridiculous, but my interpretation and analysis, stemming from empathy, allowed me to gain real world conclusions from this fictitious case study.

I applied both economic and psychological analysis, along with accounts from past child actors.  My paper gave light to the power of reputation has on well-being, which seemingly transitioned into my E True Hollywood story video of this character.  Overall, all my assignments were inspired by this trait of being empathetic and shaped my semester into a very memorable experience.

My portfolio is organized by the categories: Identity, Discovery, Findings, and Inspiration.  Identity- who I am.  Discovery- what I was trying to learn through class assignments.  Findings- what I learned about this class and myself in general.  Inspiration- what and who in this world inspires to keep searching and challenging myself.

Hope you enjoy my website:

Ryan Hayes

I hail from the hidden gem of the midwest Chanhassen, Minnesota home of Prince, Buffalo Wild Wings and cornfields. While my home clings to my identity leaving a perception of a faux-canadian with a hockey addiction, let me redefine myself: I am a person that is actively balancing nostalgia and thoughts of tomorrow in search of being in the now. I am an aspiring, young professional who needs to learn to shave more frequently. I am a personality, a voice and a perspective.

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