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  1. After taking Professional writing- which as I recall you have too- this sounds a lot like what they taught us. But as your document explains, resumes take a lot of thought process and are not just mere forms that you submit. You always have to be thinking about the employer and what they are looking for. And even then there is a small window of applicants that they want and if you so much as made a few minor errors, they toss you into the no pile. That kind of immediate rejection is why I never want to be in charge of hiring.

  2. I agree. I think people focus a lot on tailoring the cover letter to employers, but I think it is just as important to do the same for resumes. The line where you write “When it comes to listing and describing experiences, it is important to portray them in a way that shows how they could benefit the company,” is key because you can’t just portray why you are a great candidate, you have to let them know why you are a great candidate for that specific position.

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