Here It Is! My E-portfolio

Check out my website: The Maine Attraction

The process of creating an entire website on your own takes a lot of intensive time (clicking, dragging, throwing your computer out the window,etc.) However, the process of creating a website that is just about you and your work is just scary. The only material I have to work off of is my own.

That being said, when the product is finally done you have an entire website showcasing your best work. Although my website might not be the most tech savvy (I did find some cool tech tips) I’m very proud of the piece that I have created.

I wanted my portfolio to be about myself as a potential employee or as a professional. I decided to focus on how my pieces could connect in a way to show the variety in my writing and how I could use that to write in a professional sense. I think through my simplistic style and chosen artifacts I achieved this.

I struggled a lot with what I wanted my portfolio to say at first and I didn’t truly figure it out until I started playing with the template of the site, surprisingly. I started with something simple and somewhat childish. Once I began seeing the places my portfolio could go, I got inspired to make it something that I would really use and be proud of.

Overall, I had a great time creating this piece and felt like it allowed me to go back and analyze my work and how I have grown as a writer this semester.

One thought to “Here It Is! My E-portfolio”

  1. Your ePortfolio turned out great! Your goals of coming across as a professional writer are relevant in your final product and you organized your ideas in a way that is very easy to understand.

    Also, I am all about puns and LOVE your title “The Maine Attraction”. I, strangely, try to incorporate my last name into literally everything I can. This is especially helpful when referring to my super close relationship with S(c)hells macaroni and cheese and hanging out with millions of family members at the beach.

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