Hey! Who blogged the toilet?

Blogging is uncomfortable.

Writing words that will be seen by people other than my Comm 101 GSI is uncomfortable. Having the freedom to write whatever you want for blog assignments is uncomfortable. The word “blog “makes me feel as uncomfortable as the word “moist”.

Seriously, imagine your 2nd grade teacher saying the word “moist”.

Imagine me in 2nd grade?

 Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 11.17.10 PM

Another thing that makes me feel uncomfortable is the disgrace that is every one of my blog posts in the month of September. A critical evaluation of Curzan’s perspective on something (which I didn’t reread because I fell asleep before I finished the title) was terrible.

While my more recent posts don’t always make sense, they are at least more interesting. My persona as a blogger has evolved from the nervous kid sitting in the corner and only raising her hand because of participation to the annoying girl in the front row that has no problem correcting the teacher. Blogging is still uncomfortable, just in a different way. Here! Read my thoughts!

One thought to “Hey! Who blogged the toilet?”

  1. I totally agree with you! I also blogged about how I think blogging is super uncomfortable and awkward. Like you, I think my blog posts have become more personable and interesting (I think most of ours have as we’ve gotten used to the whole blogging thing). Still a little iffy about blogging myself and I probably won’t do it in my free time. But I’m glad you’ve opened up to it a bit!

    Also, the word moist makes me cringe too.

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