I Have an E-Portfolio?

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It’s actually beyond me how I managed to pull off what I have in the last few days. Because I have an exam tonight, I won’t be able to make it to the showcase event. I did a lot over this week, but not enough to be ready for Physics 135, which maybe nobody ever is. That’s possible. But I have created an entire website portfolio that functions as a look inside my writing as well as a look inside the mind of the reader. I think that’s a pretty impressive feat for one semester if I may say so myself. We should all be really impressed with ourselves, even if our sites aren’t what we imagined.

Mine definitely is not what I imagined at first, but it is really close to that vision. Of course there are things that I wish I could have done differently throughout the process, the main thing being to not procrastinate as much, but in the end I have an awesome collection of my work and I can’t be mad because it’s not perfect.

A couple things that I don’t much like about my e-portfolio are the home page and the fact that I didn’t get as much of my own poetry on it as I was hoping. I messed with the home page so many times and it never came out quite right. I tried different layouts and different colors and different set ups of the text, but nothing looked the way I had imagined. I’ll probably end up tweaking it a bit later. As far as the poetry part goes, I’m still working on it. I’m no Walt Whitman, but I enjoy doing it. The problem with that is that I never got to the point where I felt the pieces were publishable. I have some decent pieces lying around, but I guess I just didn’t feel good enough about them to put them on the portfolio.

I do love some things about my e-portfolio, though! I love the fact that it’s a little bit different from a lot of the others who have been done for professional use. I really wanted my creative side to come through in this portfolio and I believe it has. I also am glad that I could finally figure out the colors. I spent a really long time (which was dumb)¬†working just on switching in and out colors to see what looked the best. The black base with the few vibrant color accents is what I was going for. The last thing that I’ve decided to embrace about my e-portfolio is the song on the home page. I know it seems really tacky and like I’m throwing it back to middle school with the Myspace thing, but I’m really not. I assure you the intentions are rhetorical. My thought really carefully about which song to choose and I think the one I’ve got on there is a perfect representation of everything I mean to do with the e-portfolio. It’s got the right tone and the right music and even the words portray the self-reflection and self-discovery aspect of what I want the reader to get out from this. It’s okay if you hate the music on the homepage idea. Generally you either love it or hate it, but I can’t make everyone like my choices, so I’m just going to go with the one that works for me.

Anyway, here’s the link! It seems rather serious now that I’m here at the bottom of this post, but it’s really just for fun. I made everything on it purely out of enjoyment and I hope you don’t feel anything less while browsing around it.

3 thoughts to “I Have an E-Portfolio?”

  1. Your portfolio looks great! I love how you have poems throughout, especially on the “about” and “contact” pages. It’s unexpected (in a good way) and shows a lot about who you are as a writer/poet.

    Also I like the second navigation bar at the bottom of each page. It seems like such a small touch but makes it so much easier to click through your portfolio, especially when pages are long. It definitely makes your portfolio stand out!

  2. I think the finished project looks awesome! Not emo at all when we first looked at our sites hehe. And I love the buttons you were working on they give it a great pop of color. I also like the idea of having the menu button appear at the top and the bottom. I think it frames it very nicely and the layout and organization you chose really works for everything.

  3. I think your portfolio looks awesome. I really didn’t think it was possible to do something like this either, to be honest. I think its really hard to create something like this and have it turn out exactly how you envisioned it, but ending up with something you are still really happy with is great. I also think its great that you’re gonna go back and tweak the things you didn’t like and try to perfect it, instead of just leaving it alone now that class is over

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