No, seriously though, I’ve been playing catch up like nobody’s business for the last 24 hours. It’s really pathetic actually and I’ve realized that I need a serious turn around in my life next semester. This has gone so far past procrastination. There isn’t much I can say for myself except that I need to do better. So backtracking on this semester and following with the theme of unhelpful things I’ve done in the last three months is Storyboarding for the Re-Mediation project. Because I missed not one, but two posts about storyboarding (somehow. . . I really swear I did at least one) I just wanted everyone to learn from a mistake I made.

This is my awful storyboard:

Photo of Storyboard Photo of Storyboard

Okay, it’s not totally awful and in my head it was the greatest thing I was ever going to create. Until it wasn’t.

Sticky notes are lovely. I embrace them every chance I get. However, when it comes to storyboarding, perhaps they weren’t the best choice. I thought it would be really interactive and different if I took sticky notes and drew out the plot for my video on the front and then when you lifted them, there would be details about length of slide, transitions, music, etc. Well here was my first problem. Sticky notes are large. They do not neatly fit on a regular sized sheet of paper. But, of course I am in college and too cheap to get larger paper, so I just did this layout on three different pages. Now the rainforest hates me and my storyboard didn’t really help at all either.

The only thing I can say that went well for this idea was that the textual ideas I wanted to include were on the sticky notes. . .

Literally, that’s the only thing this format helped for. The music was in theory a good thing to include on the storyboard, but until you’re actually in iMovie, cutting together pieces, you’ll never know what’s going to fit and how long you should make the slide so it can be easily read. There was just so much I didn’t take into account and in the end it would have been better to use another method that was more suited for a video project. This would potentially have been helpful if there weren’t so many small details that I needed to consider.

But that’s life right? Live. Make mistakes. Learn. Yeah, this semester really didn’t go as planned, but I learned a lot about how to deal with next semester. I thought that by Winter semester of Junior year I’d have had that figured out. But I guess I’m learning that, too. I will likely never have it all figured out. I’m pretty sure that’s a fundamental thing about this life. You can never have it all figured out. And if you think you do, then you’re doing it wrong.

2 thoughts to “Ketchup”

  1. Loved the sticky notes though. Mostly because I wish I had used them and stuck them on my wall or something because then I could look like a real artist or something. I barely used my story board either. It was really just a spring board for ideas, but at least you got a lot of ideas out !

  2. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel when it comes to the whole procrastination thing goes. I’ve taken it to an all time high this year (or an all time low depending on how you wanna put it). Either way, I agree. Its gotta stop. When it comes to the storyboarding though, I think you did a much better job than you give yourself credit for. Yeah, it may have been hard to read, but it was creative and definitely helpful for you which is the important part.

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