Lyric Analysis??

I’ve been meaning to blog about this idea for most of the semester, and now thats its crunch time I remembered! It has to do with my interest in music lyrics. First off, I play music and I write songs, so I find the idea of lyric writing very interesting. Some things I’ve noticed are, there really is no full proof, great method for writing lyrics. People have been doing it differently for years. And another thing is, some great songs don’t really have good lyrics. Now what I mean by good lyrics is hard to define, and I don’t mean some high in the sky amazing poem with tons of metaphors. Even LMFAO could be considered good lyricists in my book.

But some songs have such simple lyrics, with very little coherence that it almost sounds like a young child wrote it.. But the song is good! So in some ways lyrics aren’t that important, as long as they capture the mood of the song and have a good melody. But then I think , well if lyrics are so easy to write, why do I have such a hard time writing them? And why do some songs sound good when sung, but lyrically they are meaningless? These questions are what started my interest in reading tons of song lyrics by relatively well known artists as well as some I’ve never heard of.

A lot of times people will say, “write what is real and true to you,” but it seems that is not even close to enough advise.¬†What’s interesting is that some songs are catchy, but lyrically fail (ex: Friday, by Rebecca Black). That is a clear example of bad song writing. Whether that was the goal or not, people laugh at the song because of the lyrics. But if they are true life lyrics for Rebecca Black, than wouldn’t that relate to a lot of people? Anyway I could rant on this for hours, but maybe next time you like a song, try looking up the lyrics. Try to forget what the melody is and just read it. You may find it surprising how simple or odd some lyrics are when you aren’t listening to the song.

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