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Unfortunately I unable to make it to the showcase today, so I didn’t get a chance to present my portfolio or see anyone else’s presentations; however, I’ve been clicking through a bunch of the portfolios and it got me thinking about the whole process again.  First off, I just wanna say that some of these portfolios really blew me away.  In the beginning of the year, in my Why I Write essay, I wrote about how I thought it was interesting that a group of students can be given the same prompt and they will all write something different.  I always knew that everyone’s eportfolios were going to be different because this is much more of an open-ended assignment, and each student obviously chose to express himself or herself in a uniquely creative way.  I knew all that going into it, but I’m still taken back with how different each portfolio is.  Each one is really unique in its own way.

I ‘ve said it a bunch of times before but I had never done anything like an eportfolio before this class.  It was brand new to me, and I was very nervous as to what my final result was going to look like.  In the end, I am really happy with what I was able to accomplish with such little experience.  After looking at some other blogs, however, it makes me want to make certain changes and improvements, maybe add some different types of media or technology.  I know its only natural to want to make my work better after seeing some of the awesome things other students did, so its not something I’m upset about.  It actually makes me excited to go back and tweak things and for the Capstone portfolio.  Like the prompt for this portfolio said, this time around it was basically a rough draft.  I am definitely pleased with what my portfolio looks like, but it is definitely still a rough draft and I look forward to polishing it over time.

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  1. I hear you about re-polishing the portfolio. I had something going on during the presentations as well, but was able to show up near the end only to present mine. But like you said, after I’ve seen some other ones through this blog, I feel like I made a finger painting or something. I’m really impressed with what other people have done, and I’m thinking some people might even be good web designers. Did you link one of your posts to your website? If so I’ll check it out.
    Have a good break.

  2. I completely agree, looking through some of these portfolios it’s absolutely incredible how different and unique each and every one is. And it starts me questioning, how is it that we can all come up with such different products from the same question? Why do we not have greater variety in some of the other things we’re asked to brainstorm on a regular basis?

    I think this really goes to show the creativity that each person is capable of when we’re allowed to work on and develop a piece in any way we want. Some say that children are the most creative and that we lose this gift as we get older. But looking at all these pieces and all our results, I’m starting to think that we never really lose creativity, we just lose the time and environment to exercise it. Adults are no less creative, the skill is still there, we just need to make the time for it.

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