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Overall, I can’t say my blogging style has changed much over the course of the semester. I try as much as possible to structure blog posts the way I speak out loud (obviously with fewer “like”s and “um”s). I’ve also had to blog for several classes, so at this point I have academic blogging down pretty well.

The most prominent alteration I’ve noticed in the way I blog for this class as opposed to the way I blog for other classes is that this blog involves a lot of self-reflection. For my other classes, the posts were usually based strictly on reading responses or showing off projects to the rest of the class. We definitely do both of those for the Minor in Writing blog, but it takes things a little further than that because of the way we have to reflect on our writing processes (I can honestly say I’ve thought and written about my writing process more in the past three months that I have in the entirety of my life, without question).

However, I can’t say it’s a bad thing that I’ve had to think about the way I write. It’s actually been somewhat enlightening, especially with respect to noting patterns in what I do and revising. So in general, my blogging tone or style hasn’t really changed – it’s more like the content of what I’ve had to blog about has impacted the way I view my own writing process.

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  1. Your point about reflection is definitely interesting. I hadn’t really given thought to how much we do it in this class, but there’s definitely a ton with the exercises we did before each project and all the reflective writing for the e-portfolio. It’s definitely made me think about the choices I make during my writing process and my overall evolution as a writer.

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