My E-Portfolio

Clever title huh? My E-portfolio struggles are finally over and I will be honest and say I am pretty happy with the result. I say pretty because I debated between a couple different templates and I can still find room for improvement. But I like the final result because I included a lot of reflective writing and pictures (probably too many pictures) so whoever views the portfolio should get a strong sense of what I’m about. I am very thankful I chose to use Wix, and can safely say that was my best decision of the entire process. I’m sure for more advanced web designers that isn’t the go-to route. But for a complete beginner like myself, I can’t imagine it being any easier to use.

I think the design will be easy to navigate and hopefully the pictures will encourage some clicks. Overall, I’m most thankful for my knowledge of web designing that I never had before. That was the first time I ever ‘made’ a website, and at first the task seemed overwhelming. But now I could see myself using that skill in the future, and will no longer be afraid to jump head first into any real life “tech challenges.”


Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 6.03.51 PM


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