My Take on the Storyboarding Process

I sincerely apologize for blowing up the blog, but I realized today how behind I am on the required blog posts. Therefore, let me offer you my insights on storyboarding.

I’m a very visual thinker, especially when I’m doing projects and things. For the past couple of projects in this class, I’ve had an idea of what I want my projects (Repurposing, Remediating, and the ePortfolio) to LOOK like planned out in my head before I’ve even started doing work on it. For the Repurposing and Remediating projects, where I’ve had almost exclusive creative control, visualizing my final product has helped a lot with planning. But with the ePortfolio, I’m a bit limited by what WordPress has to offer. I originally had an idea in my head of what I wanted my portfolio to look like, but the theme I chose didn’t quite allow me to accommodate my vision.

That being said, the storyboarding process has been both a blessing and a curse. With the ePortfolio storyboard, it was initially very beneficial to sketch out my entire vision and get a general idea of the layout of my portfolio; however, once I got into working with WordPress, I found myself unable to do everything I was envisioning.

For the Repurposing project, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do visually, so drawing everything out helped me get an idea of how I wanted things to look and how I wanted to visually represent my script.

So ultimately, storyboarding has helped me firm up the way I see things and has been relatively helpful with all of the projects we’ve had to do it for.

2 thoughts to “My Take on the Storyboarding Process”

  1. Ahahaha the first sentence oh my gosh. I’m a visual thinker too, I really think that storyboarding is a positive thing for writers like us because sometimes just jumping into a draft is really daunting. My writing usually ends up all over the place when I don’t end up storyboarding.

  2. The e-portfolio part is exactly what I struggled with. I like to draw a lot and even though I’m not great and some things never look exactly what I can see in my head, it generally is what I want. But with all this technology stuff, I am at such a loss. Like sometimes I just want to get a touch screen and draw out everything I want. It seems like it would be a lot easier.

    But then again, something tells me with how fast all of technology is moving, we might be in luck with that.

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