Newbie No Mo’

I had never written blog posts until the start of this semester. Blogging seemed tedious and awkward in my mind and it definitely didn’t seem like my kind of thing. After becoming more familiar with the blogging community, I’m still unsure about how I feel about blogging, but I’m definitely more open-minded about it now.

I’d definitely say that my blogging style has changed over the past few months. My style and tone in my first post was much more formal and essay-like. I was very particular about how the sentences sounded and definitely flowered things up, as if I was writing a paper. With each additional blog, I think I relaxed my words and tone more. The posts became much more conversational and thought-like, which made them more interesting to read and more relatable for the readers. I still care about how the words sound, but I’m not as concerned about sounding intelligent or deep. I used to write a sentence, make edits, write another sentence, make more edits, etc, which made me nitpick details.┬áNow I just write down my thoughts and then re-read them to make some small edits (making my life easier and your reader experience more enjoyable).

Though we were all required to comment on each other’s posts, I didn’t anticipate much interaction through the blog. But I’m pleasantly surprised to be wrong. It was actually nice to receive comments and feedback from others, and to then respond to them. It was fun reading other student’s posts of their opinions and thoughts and giving them suggestions or opinions. As a class, I think many of us may have dreaded this part of the course (I admit, I did), but I think we all learned a lot more from this experience and from each other than we expected to.

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  1. I agree with the progression part- looking back on all of these reminds me how new I was to this. I even remember Naomi mentioning that we didn’t need to be super concerned with the writing prose- just that we were writing with our own style. Reading over these, I see people’s voice in them a lot more and like this post, everyone seems to be a lot more comfortable.

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