One Last Post

It is now the end of the semester, and it is safe to say I’ve learned¬†a lot,¬†a lot about myself as a writer, myself as a student, and myself as a person. The process of developing my eportfolio has allowed me to more clearly see and interpret these things about myself. I am very happy with the way my portfolio is coming together. As I compile pieces and artifacts to upload to my site, I am learning that my accomplishments as a writer are more diverse and significant than I had realized. I have experiences in argumentative writing, digital writing, resume writing, magazine writing, newsletter writing, research-based writing, and more. I spent a lot of time carefully choosing an array of pieces that would illustrate the diversity in my experiences, which, after seeing them all in one place in my portfolio, has made me proud of my work.

In addition, I am content with how my theme is coming together. At first, I was not sure that each page significantly contributed to the advancement of my theme, which is centered on eraser shavings as a metaphor for my life. However, when I met with Professor Silver, she instilled confidence in me, and told me she thinks I am on the right track. One of the main difficulties I face as a writer is articulation. I often ask myself, “Is my reader going to comprehend my intended message, or am I completely rambling and not making sense at all?” This was a constant struggle for me throughout this entire eportfolio process.

I still want to work on structuring the pages that include my drafts and revisions of my “Why I Write Essay.” I’m not sure if I need an introduction to explain why/how the purpose of this essay fits into the theme of my portfolio. If I were to include an introduction, I would want to express that WHY I write is the only aspect of my writing that I am truly certain about and confident in; however, I am not sure I have enough to say about that to make it its own page. Perhaps I will incorporate this idea into the sub-pages instead.

I am also still deciding which artifacts to upload to the “My Professional Side” page. I am struggling because I did not get permission from my boss that I can publish the article I wanted to publish. Instead, I may upload pieces from my English 229: Professional Writing course, however, am afraid this, in a way, overlaps with the idea of academic writing.

I have worked extremely hard on putting my eportfolio together, and hope I can show it to professionals in the long run. I can’t wait to create a finished product!


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