One More Thought

As I was reading through some of the blog posts by people for a last time before the semester closes out, I’ve been piecing together something that I want to explore a just little more before we all leave.

People always say children are the most creative, and that we lose this creativity as we get older.

I used to agree and say, what a pity, and sometimes, actually feel rushed to produce creative results because I felt like I was running out of time.

Now, looking at all the final eportfolios of people in the class, even though I wasn’t able to attend the showcase, I’m going to throw a hypothesis out there and say we don’t lose our creativity. Rather, I think the jewel of creativity is still there for every person, every profession, and every age. It is never warped or changed or corroded, it is merely forgotten, only in our minds, by the constraints of our environment and our time.

Given the circumstances to exercise and uncover it, we are just as creative as we were when we were 5. Just looking at all these portfolios, each one is so unique, so individual, and so¬†creative. There’s something to be said about how we can brainstorm and create when we’re given open prompts, like in this class, and when we’re given the time to develop our own jewel of creativity and wow, would you look at the results.

So maybe that’ll be another theme to grow my portfolio on. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking our creativity is lost because it’s something that can’t disappear, it can only be remembered.

Thank you all for an amazing semester, it’s probably one of the most reflective ones I’ve had, and an eye opening experience all around.

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