Overcoming My Fear of Blogging

At first, at the very beginning of the semester, I was almost afraid of the blog. Frankly, each required and optional blogpost assignment freaked me out. It was intimidating to know that I was publishing my thoughts, feelings, and ideas in an open space for others to read. I was afraid of being judged, both on my writing style and as a person. Therefore, I stayed within the parameters of my comfort zone, and blogged in a more informed and academic manner.

As time has passed, however, the blog has become my best friend. Nowadays, my blogging persona is very casual and conversational. I use the blog as sort of an outlet for my stream of consciousness. I write whatever comes to mind, which allows me the freedom to make my blog my own. The blog has allowed me to share personal and academic thoughts in an almost therapeutic way. I have used it as a virtual space to store my worries, concerns, struggles, accomplishments, solutions, and more. In fact, at this point in the semester, the optional blogpost opportunities excite me. I take advantage of them, as they allow me the opportunity to openly and freely express myself through what I love the most: writing.

I cannot say that I don’t edit my work. When I am done expressing my thoughts, I go back and reread my post one time through. In doing so, I do not wish to formalize my writing, but instead, wish to simply ensure my thoughts are making sense. Throughout the semester, I used the blog as a way to directly speak to my classmates and peers, as a way to honestly and genuinely speak my mind. In this way, before publishing my posts, I ensure they are clear, organized, and interesting to read. After all, a boring blog is a useless one!


One thought to “Overcoming My Fear of Blogging”

  1. Definitely can same the same for my transition in blogging over the course of the semester. I started writing really formally because it seemed safest. But after a while, the blog became an outlet to just spill my thoughts, which could be refreshing. Also, I definitely go back and read over my posts too just to make sure they’re coherent. I don’t think it takes anything away from the tone, if anything it adds to it by making all the ideas flow together even better.

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