Portfolio Complete

I completed my e-portfolio! I am so proud and it looks so much better than I thought it would!


WordPress was a lot of fun to work with in the end and not that difficult. I do think that the WIX sites looked a lot better visually although, and if I were doing this project over I would have definitely used WIX. But I am still really proud of the portfolio that I now have finished.

I think my portfolio is visually appealing with a lot of photos of both me and my family which give a good balance of who I am as an individual and who my family is. This was the most difficult part because I did not want to simply have a portfolio that didn’t represent me at all and rather just showed how awesome my family was. In order to do this, I made a little bit lengthy front page with a lot of information about me so that the reader who get an idea right away about who I am as a person before they begin to read about my family.

My favorite part about the e-portfolio are the music links which are really special to me because I LOVE music. Music is my life and accompanies me throughout all my daily activities and incorporating music on my e-portfolio only seemed natural. I think the music will help the reader get a better idea of the portfolio and a better context overall.

I cannot wait to show my family, because I am so proud of the work I have completed and the growth I have achieved this semester through this course.


Kidada Malloy

Sophomore, 25 years old, originally from Los Angeles, half English/half American, half Black/half White, interested in Public Policy

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