Portfolio: I hate to be this person but…

I love my portfolio!!

I went through multiple different stages of drafting and reworking my portfolio, and of course there are things that I am still unsure of and that I will continue to tweak, but considering that it is a work in progress I’m really happy with where it is going.It is the simplistic idea that I started with and I’m really glad I kept it.

That being said, there are things that I have had to compromise in the process. I would have liked not to have a menu bar on most of the pages because it seems cluttered to me, but this was really unavoidable. Besides, it doesn’t look half as bad as I though it would.

One thing I did not have to compromise on was my vision of the website being about framing my writing instead of showcasing me. I REALLY didn’t want there to be a site out there to honor Lisa Miller, as silly as that sounds. I wanted it to be about the pieces of writing that I have created which should be considered completely separate from me as a person.

Here is where the portfolio is at right now:


After I’ve handed this version in tomorrow I absolutely plan to revise revise revise until I get exactly what I want. I’m not exactly sure what that is yet but I know after my semester of revision that after revisiting the portfolio I can hone my ideas into a near-perfect presentation of what my writing is.

You guys have all been great and I hope the rest of your college careers are just as great as this semester was. Good luck!

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  1. I love the way this looks! The circles and plates- pure genius and very creative. I am so very impressed and it makes me want to go back and change mine all around- just kidding…. Your front page is very appealing though in terms of both the food and drinks but the clean look. If I were a future employer, I would love this

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