Portfolio Perfection

Well, not quite perfection, but I’m pretty happy with how my e-portfolio turned out!

I spent a lot of time on the layout, which I like a lot. I wanted the site to be clean and easy to navigate, and I feel I accomplished my goal.

I also wanted to show how I have changed as a writer. I tried to accomplish this through having a lot of different artifacts from freshman year until now, but I think this aspect could use more work.

I want to continue working on the portfolio, adding more context to the work I have uploaded, especially pieces from outside the writing minor. I currently have a few sentences about why I’ve included my academic work, but I do not explain why I like each individual piece. As I have more time to work on the portfolio, I may write intros to every essay, rather than just the general section.

I’ll definitely make changes to my portfolio in the future, but right now I’m proud of what I’ve created this semester. It does a good job representing me and my personality, which is all I need my portfolio to do!

Here’s the link: http://marleykalt.wix.com/portfolio

One thought to “Portfolio Perfection”

  1. You’re portfolio really is smooth! It’s so easy to understand and navigate, is professional and personal, and is organized so well. I like how each tab works, and I think it was smart to separate the writing minor from other academic works. I also think the academic section is organized nicely, I like how there are sections for different classes. I think it works well without the descriptions for each paper, that actually might cause people to not read a paper if there is already a description. Lastly, I think this will be great for employers to see and that’s good you included your resume’.

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