Professional Portfolio Possibilities

So I just received an email that I was selected for internship interviews with the companies I applied to through my study abroad program next semester! Finally some good news in the midst of finals!

One of the companies requested I send them a writing sample, and after shuffling through the possibilities in my head I realized, oh! what about my e-portfolio? I had constructed it all along not with the sole purpose of professional use but tried to keep it professional enough that hypothetically it could function in this setting if I wanted it to. The email gave me no details on the type of writing sample…so I didn’t see why the portfolio wouldn’t qualify.

However, now that this hypothetical is a reality, I’m sadly not sure if my portfolio is professional enough for me to be comfortable sharing with a possible employer. I think the layout and structure are, but I’m afraid that the route I took with the writing exposes more of my vulnerabilities and areas I want to improve on. Plus, some of the writing samples are narratives about pretty personal experiences.

So…eventually I chickened out and sent one of my favorite Communications 101 essays instead. It was sad to realize that after all my hard work I actually don’t feel comfortable sharing my portfolio with an employer. But at the same time, I’m happy I had this experience now, forcefully pushing me out of the world of hypotheticals and into reality.

Maybe in the future (you know, with all the endless free time I have) I’ll construct a second version of my portfolio with the same visual layout but different homepage writing, a resume, and less personal artifacts.

3 thoughts to “Professional Portfolio Possibilities”

  1. WHAT! Your ePortfolio was too wonderful to not share with a future employer! It was very professional in my opinion (but maybe that’s just in comparison to mine?). Congrats on your interviews, though!

  2. To be honest, when I was getting close to finally finishing my eportfolio, I was starting to feel similarly about how unprofessional my portfolio was. That’s not to say that I wasn’t very happy with my blog and its not well put together, but I realized I wouldn’t really be able to use mine professionally. Like yours, my layout would be just fine, but some of my pieces are too personal. Either way, I think the whole process was a learning experience and I think I am very well prepared if I ever choose to create a more professional portfolio. Congrats on the interviews!

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