putting on my bloggerpants

I think what scared me the most about blogging at the beginning of the semester was the freedom. Even though every week we’re given guidelines and suggestions, when it comes time to sit down on my WordPress dashboard I usually end up doing the whole “write a word, no that sounds dumb, write a sentence, ehhh” dance. I tend to want to jump around and address all different topics related to the prompt, or change my mind all over the place, and I’ve found it’s a lot easier to control these tendencies over longer, more academic pieces than for these blogs. So this class has definitely taught me the importance of being succinct yet comprehensive over just a few paragraphs. (Though I’m not sure my rambling tendencies will ever go away)

I’d also never really written in the kind of conversational tone I associate with blogging before this class, and especially early in the semester found myself self-conscious writing directly to my classmates (in retrospect, none of you are scary at all). I’ve grown a lot more comfortable blogging, and I think I’ve started to get the hang of the balance between super formality and super personal. I still haven’t gotten the hang of blogging with images (my instinct right now is to post a picture of pants to elude to the title of this post. I have since talked myself out of that idea), so that’s something to work on.

I’ve noticed that throughout the semester as a class we’ve collectively become more comfortable with blogging and each other’s styles, and I know that’s definitely helped me benefit from the blog beyond our required posts and comments. thanks guys!


Margot Kriete

Hi! My name's Margot. I study computer science, have super long arms, never skip breakfast, and will probably become a German shepherd lady (as opposed to those "cat ladies") when I grow up. I like to cook, read, run, change my mind, and write.

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  1. I think the balance you mention between super formal and and personal is definitely key. I kind of experimented with both over the course of the semester, but ended up finding that not only is there usually a happy medium, but that the tone really depends on the individual post. Also agree that the collective blogging of the class seems more comfortable now, which adds to a cool sort of community-dialogue type thing.

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