Re-write, again?

After finishing the e-portfolio I almost want to re-write my why I write again. Looking at my portfolio from start to finish and looking at all of the components that went it to it, I can start to see more clearly of who I am as a writer, and why it is such a personal thing for me.

In finally realizing why I write, it is almost as if a huge secret has been uncovered. I know that sounds silly because the reason why I write should be something I know and understand, but it never was. I had this notion that writing was something I did because everyone needed a skill, and seeing how I was not currently playing for any major sports team and I hadn’t discovered a cure for cancer, I thought that this was a pretty good bet for me. My first why I write paper did not make a lot of sense mostly because when I started, the reason why I write didn’t make a lot of sense. I was trying to throw out every thought and evidence I could muster up to try and explain something that is inherently a very easy question. And that is exactly what it looked like. After my last revision I was a little more happy with it, but I want to go back and do it again, and then probably again because I feel like I keep discovering new reasons and new “ah-ha” moments.

In case no one could tell, or this is the first time you are reading from me, I change my mind far too often. I think at this point I will leave the why I write the way ┬áit is and come back to it in maybe a year and write it all over again to compare. I have a feeling they won’t look very similar.


2 thoughts to “Re-write, again?”

  1. I actually agree with a lot of what you’re saying. When we first had to write that essay at the beginning of the semester, I was a very confused myself. I thought it was a really difficult question that didn’t necessarily have one concrete answer. I had always thought that the reason I write is because its the only thing that comes easy to me. This whole eportfolio process has definitely been a learning experience and I think its great that you want to continue to explore why you write

  2. You make me want to re-write mine now ha. I had a similar feeling when we first started that assignment. I wrote this in my e-portfolio but I though I would whip that out in a half hour. But I was caught off gaurd when my fingers didn’t start typing it out like I imagined it. I realized that the question ‘why,’ is inherently a pretty deep question. And after I turned in my final draft I still didn’t feel totally satisfied. It would have been nice to re-do that, I’m sure I would notice the same thing as you.

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