Reflection on Why I Write

Although I did not have time to revise my Why I Write essay (finals, am I right?) I did get a chance to look at it again when creating my portfolio. When looking at my writing in a compiled form, I noticed a stark difference between my writing at the beginning of the semester and now.

Firstly, although I thought I knew why I write at the beginning of the semester (personal expression) I hadn’t even tapped into my true interests yet. Through this class as well as my Art of the Essay class I’ve learned a great deal about considering your audience when writing. I had never had reason to think about my audience before, as I was writing in a journal or for a teacher who knew everything already. However, when I began writing for blog posts that my peers would read or with the mentality of a magazine editor I started to consider the other people in this community that I’m interacting with. I’d been ignoring the other side of the page and simply thinking about myself. (I’m a little disappointed in my selfishness, but I’ve grown now so it’s okay)

While I still explore myself through my writing, one of my main considerations is the larger theme and how my writing can be applied to other people. It’s simply just not that interesting if it can’t speak to a larger question. I’d love to go back and rewrite my Why I Write essay to explore how I write to connect with others and learn about others as I learn about myself. Maybe I will one day.

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  1. Luckily I was able to revise my Why I Write essay, and I was also able to see how I changed as a writer throughout the semester. Luckily I learned a lot about audience during when I took English 225 Academic Argumentation. During this class though I learned a lot about how different formats of writing and I think that changed my perspective on why I write in terms of functionality.

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