I just realized that I missed the post about revisions for a few weeks back.  I figured any time is a good time to talk about revisions, though, so I figured I’d just post it now anyway.  To be honest, I used to hate having to make revisions.  I think I was pretty stubborn about my writing, so I was unwilling to make changes to what I thought was my best work.  College writing classes really changed the way I think about revisions, and I’m truly lucky for it.  During my first year writing requirement we did a lot of peer workshops.  At first, I was reluctant to take advice on how to change my work, but as the year went on, I became more comfortable talking it out with my peers and taking suggestion.  I realized that revisions are not just important, but they are vital to the writing process.  No piece is going to be perfect the first time, and it more than likely won’t be perfect the second or third time either.  It is always helpful to go back and revise or edit.  It can only help and will most definitely lead to a superior paper.

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