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This may be a little overdue to talk about storyboarding but as I am ¬†looking back at my projects for my other classes, I can start to see how valuable a tool this has been for someone like me who NEEDS visuals to learn. I haven’t always been the best at making outlines. They seem really tedious to me and I always end up writing my paper right then and there. I tried something new for history research paper that I am writing (due tomorrow, yikes!) and have discovered a new found love for storyboarding a paper.

So, what I started off with was a sketch of what I wanted to write ( I know this sounds weird, but take into consideration I have been severely sleep deprived from late nights spent doing school work and then very late nights being at actual work). My paper is on racism in the civil rights movement. I have my rough sketch up on my e-portfolio but the new one will update every time I save on my own computer so the finished product will be up there….

(little side-note, I really think I should be some kind of representative for them, because I keep mentioning them so much, but is amazing for uploading documents for an e-portfolio)

Basically the drawing, which is very ugly and I am too embarrassed to put up draws up a lot of my ideas like the different representations of women or the performances of Motown singers. I drew a big circle with my idea on the top and then little circles inside each one the would represent paragraphs and then more details inside of those. I remember doing something similar to this when I was younger, but coming back to this story board of ideas where everything is mapped out in front of me has actually really helped me spring ideas and see what is working.


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  1. First off, if you’re talking about the final paper for History 202, I know exactly what you mean. I have to write about Tiananmen Square so our topics are very different, but I’m struggling real hard. As far as storyboarding goes, I think its smart that you’re trying to implement it in a unique way for different assignments. I honestly wish I was more creative with my storyboarding for my remediation project, instead of just putting a few sentences on some powerpoint slides. I think it would have made things easier for me later on. Anyway, I’m storyboarding this time around was helpful and good luck with the paper!

  2. I never thought about doing it that way! Really, I’ve never seen anyone draw out a paper outline nor ever heard of it. Sounds like it could be useful like you mentioned ha. I tend to do what you mentioned and write the paper our of thin air. It’s worked in some occasions but for the longer papers I find I end up spending tons of time rearranging and rewriting because I didn’t lay out the game plan in the first place. Glad to hear that worked for you, I might give that a shot!

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