The e-Portfolio. Is Done.

It’s been a long time coming, but the time has finally come.

I focused a lot on my writing for the portfolio. I went back and changed just about every essay twenty times through, so that was rather time consuming, but I like to think I’ve made improvements with each edit. I learned a lot from building the site, and I’m feeling surprisingly tech savvy after completing it. I spent some time at the Knowledge Navigation Center in Hatcher (over by the Ref Room), which I had no idea even existed prior to this project. The people there were super helpful though – I had a million questions about WordPress, and they had a million answers!

I can guarantee that the portfolio and I have only begun our journey together. I’m almost certain I’ll be spending quite a bit of time with it over break. In fact, I really don’t even see myself making it through the rest of finals (I don’t finish until the 20th) without playing with it a little more. I’d like to add more short pieces to to my Archive section to make the site more reader-friendly. I know I’m always happy to read a lots of short pieces as opposed to only a few long ones, so I’d like to just add some 500-word-ish essays to it as they come.

For tonight, though, the portfolio and I must part. Check out the site here, and feel free to check back later on as it evolves!

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