The final touches

Being that it is nearly midnight, the due date, I am naturally still working on the e-portfolio to put the final touches on it. Anndddd of course I am still obsessing about the colors. I know it is minor, but for some reason I just can’t help but think, “Am I a brown or blue”

To go through some of my thought process on the portfolio, I thought I would share some of my favorite components.

1. The about me and hyperlinks.

It took me a long time and a lot of editing to finally be satisfied with what I settled on. I wanted people to get a deeper sense of who I am, but being the reserved and sometimes shy person that I am about the internet, I decided to make it almost a maze to really understand me and my portfolio. The way I set up the links and layout of the site works somewhat like the way netflix pushes you along without you wanting or knowing. In order to explore most of the site, you have to follow the links at the bottom of the screen to get to the next page until you reach the final contact screen. What I wanted this to be was sort of a journey to the more personal side of me. The more links you follow, the more personal the writing gets. I did offer other ways to get to the pages, in a sort of metaphor-type-thing for the way to find out more about me through different ways.


I thought I would have to take screen shots of literally hundreds of pages for my artifacts, but someone told me about which is a free site that allows you to upload all your papers or whatever files onto the internet. You don’t have to create a google doc and its shareable and you can always go back on your desktop to edit the paper whenever you want.

3. The first page.

I wanted a very clean look to a website, but with the color issues and the extra text needed to complete the assignment, I think I will have to find time to explore a different template, although I really do love this one. The first page has two of my favorite pictures and the little blurb is something I would love to read about someone on a website- plus I think it says a lot about me.



Peter pan!


All in all, the process has been a long on, but I have thoroughly  enjoyed it and learned more than I would have thought.

Check it out !

One thought to “The final touches”

  1. Your portfolio looks great! I love seeing how different everyones visions are portfolios are. For example, I specifically stayed away from creative tabs names but in your case I actually love them! I also really like the three pictures as buttons on the “magic” page.

    I understand the obsession with colors, my entire portfolio is a bright blue color which someone in the other cohort suggest I change on the blog (which I took constructively and then absolutely did no such thing!). I think the links at the bottom of the page work great. I tried to do a similar thing with my repurposing/remediating sections where you can’t get to one without viewing the other. I like how you carried this out throughout the entire portfolio, but then also have the tabs at the top incase someone wants to view something specific.

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