The Finale Is Here!

We’re finally done! It’s been a long semester full of both frustration and glee. All the projects were a lot more work than I had anticipated, but in achieving the final products that I did, I learned a lot. With this final e-Portfolio project I learned how to build a website, played with a lot of cool website features, and realized the importance of aesthetics. This project was the most frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming, but it is the one I am most proud of. It gave me complete freedom on how I wanted to present myself as a writer.

I really liked using writing pieces I’ve done outside of Writing 220 to help shape my identity. I ended up uploading 7 artifacts in addition to the 3 done for this class. I didn’t think 1 would be enough to really interest the reader or allow them to understand me fully. It took A LOT of work to create multiple pages for each and then format each so the footnotes would line up and button links would work. I also spent a lot time on the reflective/contextual text. I had to write a lot more because I think I have a few more extra pieces than some others do, but I didn’t mind. What I did mind was how frustrating it was to translate my emotions and beliefs into concise effective words. It’s easy understand why racism, vaccines, food, writing, etc. are important to me in my mind and in my heart, but to put it into actual words was extremely difficult. I was/am nervous that my explanations might not be enough in showing how important these topics are to me. But after many hours of staring at the computer screen and biting my nails, I have words that I’m fairly satisfied with. I’m really happy with and excited about how the final version looks.

I’ll be using my e-Portfolio more for personal reasons than professional. I don’t plan on using it to attract future employers which is what some students are doing (which is really cool by the way!). I plan on using it as a public archive and as a way to see how my identity as a writer changes as I add to my collection. So check it out! Read some pieces if you’d like! I can’t make it to the Portfolio Showcase (I have my Endocrinology final then, boo), but I’m still excited to check out everyone else’s. Leave your link if you want!

So here it is. My e-Portfolio. TADA!

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  1. I love the clean look of your portfolio. I also really enjoyed your about me section because it immediately told me a lot about you as a person without having to search for it. Looks great and congrats on being done!

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