The Perks of Revising

To be completely honest, most of the time revision for college students feels like busy and unnecessary work. From our perspective, we already wrote the dang paper and we were happy enough to hand it in the first time so why the heck do we need to spend more work on it? Just because this is how we feel, though, does not mean that it is the truth.

Revising is annoying and it is more work than any of us really want to do, but it is also completely necessary. Every time you take a step back from your work and come back to it you understand completely new things. For me after I write a paper, for example, it just looks likes a monotonous pile of words that have lost all meaning. But if I am to come back to the paper with fresh eyes I can see the peaks and valleys and understand where my argument falls short. And honestly, it’s a really good sensation to know that you’re not getting judged on that pile of crap you turned in the first time you took a go at it.

Revision sucks, definitely. It takes time and it’s a pain. But if any of us care about the quality of our work (and I’m assuming all of us do) it’s sort of cool. Maybe.

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