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It’s hard for me to let go of editing my portfolio and release it into the internet-world, but it’s time.

To those of you who looked over my first draft earlier in the semester, or even my classmates who saw me present my eportfolio in class last week, THIS IS COMPLETELY NEW

Yesterday I was seized by an uncontrollable impulse to entirely start over with my portfolio.  I set up an account with Wix and was immediately blown away by how much more control I had over the formatting!  It was a whole new world for me, and I haven’t quite emerged yet.  I think my new portfolio captures the spirit of who I am much better than the old one, as well as being ten times more aesthetically pleasing.  It was also a ton of work; I have literally done nothing else for the past 26 hours, except sleep and eat Ritz crackers and clementines.

I haven’t been this happy about a school assignment for a while, and I think it’s because it’s an assignment that’s way different from all my other classwork.  Even if I write an awesome essay, it’s still an essay just like the ones I’ve written a hundred times before.  But I’ve never made a website before!  So this has been an exciting learning experience, and I feel very nerdily proud about my new eportfolio website.

Click here to read it!

Mary Gallagher

I'd like to be good at poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, but really I'm here to develop the skills to write about politics and world issues

2 thoughts to “THIS IS COMPLETELY NEW”

  1. Very nice! I like that screenshot! I considered using that template as well. I also considered completely changing my site last minute, but after I got a couple opinions it seemed that sticking with the original was gonna best for the amount of time I had left. But I tried a few different host sites and definitely liked Wix the best. I’m glad it worked well for you too.
    I think one of the coolest learning experiences from this assignment is simply how to make a website. I can see myself making another site through Wix in the future if I had to. Congrats on finishing!

  2. I also had that encroaching fear to change mine at the last minute, but maybe I decided not to because I had already changed twice from the different websites- sorry weebly and wordpress!

    And I can totally relate about the awesome essay. I just always feel like when I am done with one really long research paper that I am fond of all I want to do is lock it away and never look at it again. I can’t stop going back to my portfolio. I am so proud of mine too!

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