True Web Writing

Okay, this is a little late in the game, but in counting up my gamified points I just realized that I never did the blog post about uploading an artifact as true web writing. In retrospect, it may be better that I waited until now to do this post, because now that my portfolio is complete I have a wide range of examples of how I present my writing online. Here are three that you can find in my e-portfolio.

1.Linking to another HTML doc – Why I Write

When I finally got the styling right, embedding my Why I Write essay directly into another HTML document and linking to it actually turned out pretty nicely. I decreased the margins and increased the font for easier readability. This website gave me some inspiration.

2. Linking to a PDF – Repurposing An Argument

This method was super important because it preserved the formatting of this essay, which had pictures, different fonts, and a bibliography that would have been very time consuming to recreate using CSS. One downside of linking directly to the PDF was that the navigation bar disappears, but it still opens in a new tab, so in the end not much damage is done.

3. Combining PDFs and HTML – Repurposing Drafts

Not gonna lie, I was pretty proud of myself when I got this to look decent. I used a StartBoostrap template originally as a one-column portfolio, but where the pictures would normally go, I embedded PDFs of my repurposing drafts. On the side bar, I included a short description of each draft by just writing text in the HTML. This was the solution that made the most sense for this artifact.

As you can see, different methods of displaying my writing online worked better in different scenarios. Using them introduced me to the degree that appearance affects the content of web writing, something I took into consideration when crafting the rest of my e-portfolio.

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