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As I’ve been uploading documents to my e-portfolio, I’ve tried to make my papers more like true web writing.

First, I uploaded my resume. I decided to put all text straight on the webpage. I was also able to input links to the companies I’ve worked at, some of the work I have completed, and a photo of myself. I’ve worked at a lot of small companies, so I like that my online resume makes it easy for a reader/prospective employer to understand my previous experience.

Then, I started on academic papers. Many of the papers I’ve written are long, so I tried breaking them up into several pages. It was very easy to create new webpages and link all the parts of my paper together. But, I quickly realized that I was going to be using A LOT of webpages, for just a few essays. And for the reader, it would be extremely annoying to see a “Read more” link at the bottom of almost every page, having no concept of when the paper will end.

Web writing has been a challenge, and it’s one I’m still trying to figure out. At first, I wanted to put all my writing directly on webpages and was against using pdf documents, but now I’m thinking pdf’s may be the best way to showcase my work.

Does anyone have any advice? How have you been uploading longer papers to your portfolios?

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  1. For most of my longer essays I’ve just been embedding them directly on to the web page. That way you can make it whatever size you want and then there are two different scroll bars (like how this blog looks in Ctools). I realize it’s not the most creative solution but in my opinion it’s one of the cleanest and simplest solutions. Depending on the feel of your portfolio maybe it could work!

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