We’ve Arrived

I do not think I have ever experienced a faster four months in my life. Overdramatic? Maybe a little, but I am in shock and awe that my first semester of Junior year has come and gone so fast. I am truly thankful to have a portfolio to look back on and remember that I did in fact do something this term! Below is a link to my portfolio. In that link, you will find a lot of me.  After looking over my portfolio one last time, (that’s so not true) I am proud to say that I see myself in it. As a whole, the pictures, the stories, the quotes, the writing… it is as Anna as it gets. As the portfolio goes into depth discussing, I have truly found my voice, and maybe even my niche.

Through my words, memories and photographs, I hope you see the beautiful journey that I have taken so far. From the years leading up to Michigan to my time spent in Ann(a) Arbor, there is not a second I would trade. Though there have been tough moments, they have made me wiser, stronger, and better for it all.  It is my ultimate hope that my portfolio for the Minor in Writing Gateway course shows you just that.

Please read, scroll, watch, smile, laugh, cry, but most of all…enjoy!


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