who needs a degree when we have books

I’m getting excited for the upcoming overwhelming amount of free time that comes with our impending winter break (though I’m sure this week will feel like the longest of the year). I get the sense that I’m not the only one who loves to read in their spare time, something I don’t get nearly enough of during the semester. That said, I’ve been making a pretty ambitious list of books to read, many of them coming from npr’s super distracting “book concierge,” a mosiac of some great books of the year.

No, but seriously, my list is getting longer and longer as I keep judging these books:

image of collage of best books of 2013

by their covers (and blurbs, i’m not that shallow…). This whole finals-studying thing is going really well, in case you can’t tell.

Do you guys have any recommendations? also, PSA, everyone read Tenth of December.

Margot Kriete

Hi! My name's Margot. I study computer science, have super long arms, never skip breakfast, and will probably become a German shepherd lady (as opposed to those "cat ladies") when I grow up. I like to cook, read, run, change my mind, and write.

2 thoughts to “who needs a degree when we have books”

  1. This post…. I can’t tell you how much it makes me want to shut down my computer right now and kick back with a nice book. I have been waiting too long for winter break to come and read my own list of books. Unlike you however, I very naively bought all the books I want to read and they are currently sitting in a large stack on my desk at home. Sometimes I think that if I have them right in front of me, I will make time for them, but so far that trick hasn’t worked. Some of these looks awesome though and I’ll be adding them to my list!

  2. I agree with Caroline, I am so close to just checking out and reading instead of studying. I want to hear about Tenth of December in class! Top of my list this break is The Good Lord Bird by James McBride. He won the National Book Award this year, and I loved The Color of Water. Ugh wait though now I just want to read…

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