Writing FAST

Okay so the ironic thing here is that I have five minutes to write this- well actually four now before I am being forced out of my apartment and won’t be able to return until the deadline for gamification submissions has passed. And that means that I don’t have a lot of time to carefully craft my sentences like usual, and be politically correct, so I’m going to be brutally honest. I need to get this one in, well, for points, but¬†also because I have an important message to share. A message about something I have learned to do quite well this semester in Writing 220:¬†write fast. I’ll be blunt. This semester I was swamped most of the time, and, in combination with my unique knack for procrastination, this led to me rushing to meet some already generous deadlines. So I was forced to adapt. I had to hurry, but I had to do good work. I wasn’t about to compromise. So I forced myself to do both! It was a struggle at first. I fell back into old habits, like reading through my work a billion times, or leaving critical proofreading errors. I shouldn’t say much more in case I’m guilty of that here. But I definitely think that I have improved, mainly, because I’ve been forced to. It’s been a really valuable skill. And I thank Writing 220 for teaching me.

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  1. Haha, I can almost see the speed in that paragraph. But hey, a gamefied point is a gamefied point. There are word per minute typing test you can take online that are actually kinda fun (at least I thought so). You should google that sometime and try taking one. I know for sure my words per minute improved this semester. I’ll be curious to see how fast I am after I graduate and have had 3 paper based classes per semester. Also, I have the same habit of rereading my work multiple times. Even after it’s turned in ha.

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