A thinker’s manifesto.

Write to share your thoughts. Thoughts

are POWERFUL and deserve to be analyzed not just by the thinker,


Write because it can brighten your day, and if not

your someone else’s.

Writing makes you feel like a child PLAYing at the beach, except now,

instead of mashing together grains of sand to build a work of art,

you MASH together words.

If you look closely, you will see manifestos everywhere.

One thought to “A thinker’s manifesto.”

  1. Zoe,

    I love your manifesto! I especially like the line about feeling like a child playing at the beach and mashing sand being like mashing words. Your image is so cool. I had never thought about the fact that manifestos are all around us. It is crazy how we miss them every day, or, maybe, how we absorb them without even knowing it.

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