An entirely too honest introduction

Miriam Akervall is a first generation American immigrant, a full-time University student, and a part-time horror film enthusiast. She has started many things that she never finished, appreciates a dark shade of lipstick, and thinks too much. Miriam is critically acclaimed for the thorough use of her Netflix account and lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with four girls and one surprisingly friendly snake in a house with deplorable heat circulation. Her work has yet to be published and dwells peacefully inside her head.

Miriam and Stella, her Black Russian Terrier
Miriam and Stella, her Black Russian Terrier

3 thoughts to “An entirely too honest introduction”

  1. Miriam,

    I love the way your bio creatively uses the typical form of authors’ biographies and inserts the funny and personal pieces of you. I especially like your last line!

  2. Miriam, love the honesty. As a member of the other half of the Winter 2014 Gateway group, I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your bios. I loved how you said you have started a lot of things that you haven’t finished, that’s definitely something I resonate with. This blog post, however, is definitely don’t one of those things; even as it is brief it is complete.

  3. Miriam! Your bio is very pleasant to read. You make the reader feel like they can relate to your life. The piece is “real” as they say; your lipstick preference and thorough Netflix use are comical and spunky additions. My favorite lines in the bio have to be when you mention how you think too much and the very last sentence. It sounds beautiful! Great work bud, keep it up

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