A Little Glimpse Of Me

Bethany Canning is the author of a 5th grade report about her grandfather and a paper about E.coli.  She almost won an award for her writing her freshman year in college.  Bethany is an avid tea drinker and an exotic hat enthusiast.  She lives in Ann Arbor, MI in a cozy apartment with her two roommates but she has her own room.  They plan to adopt a fish.

Bethany showing off a particularly nice hat.
Bethany showing off a particularly nice hat.

One thought to “A Little Glimpse Of Me”

  1. I think what I like most about this bio is the last line. The contrast between this short and succinct last line and the other fairly standard sentences adds a rather humorous effect to the whole thing. It’s kind of like an after-thought and the idea of “adopting” a fish is something that made me chuckle. Also the picture is a gem. It brings the whole thing together while giving me a pretty good sense of your personality. Well done, Bethany.

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