Project Idea: Societal “Brainwashing” #rayray

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My project idea, as of now, is to evaluate what shapes one’s worldview. And when certain people believe that others have been “brainwashed” based on the fact that they hold an opposing worldview, what causes that assumption? I will analyze my brother and myself, two people who grew up in the same household and taught similar values in attempts to explain how we could completely disagree on hot topics such as gender and race. How has one person been indoctrinated and another not? How has this influenced their worldview’s?

In sum, my sociological worldview opposes my brother’s conservative, “American dream” worldview. Why is it that he believes I have been, “brainwashed” by my college learning? How has my brother’s education been so effective in closing his mind to disallow him to take another’s perspective?

On a larger scale, I will address how society is so effective in reinforcing teachings of normalcy and hiding the just, truth.


Does this make sense? Because I feel like it makes sense in my mind but once I try to articulate it, I really struggle. So your thoughts, feedback and opinions would be much appreciated.


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  1. Angelle,

    I know we already talked about your topic a bit in our group in class, but I think your topic definitely does make sense. You obviously have a personal connection to this topic and you’re clearly passionate about it, so I think this will help in your writing process. What I think is going to have to be present in your project is some sort of a devil’s advocate position and then your response to it. I feel like a critic of your paper might say “how do you know your view is right and not your brother’s? All the arguments you make could easily be used to argue against you in the same way you use them against your brother.” I definitely think you can come up with a strong response to this, but addressing it early on in your project will thwart any critics. Good luck!

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