The Critically Acclaimed Dog-Lover

Zoe Zaiss is a critically acclaimed dog-lover. She was the recipient of the 2012 Herff Jones Principal’s Leadership Award, which was granted to one student in her graduating class. ┬áBut more importantly, she is the owner of four lovable pooches. Growing up as the youngest of five, Zoe has always been an avid talker. She now looks to the MIW to help her eloquently transfer those words onto paper. Oh, and she’s from New York.

My Main Men.
My Main Men.

2 thoughts to “The Critically Acclaimed Dog-Lover”

  1. Hey Zoe!

    I really enjoyed your bio and especially the picture you posted with it because it seems like your dogs are a huge part of your life (and they’re cute too). The way you wrote your bio (particularly the last line when you tack on that you are from New York) took on a very conversational tone that makes it appear as if you were reading about a friend instead of someone you have hardly met.

    Great job, can’t wait to read more!

  2. I like the way that this is poking fun at a lot of the bios we read in class! It takes the style, and form that they used, and then anywhere they would say something boring and drab you insert a little quip. I also appreciate that you kept in mind that the majority of your audience would be the MIW people, so you mentioned the program.

    Overall, it was a refreshing take on the ancient art of the author bio!

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