The Most Interesting Man in the World (Sorry Dos Equis Guy…)

PATRICK BAUMHART is the author of more than 20 critically acclaimed essays and short stories. Among his most recent are Sassafrass and Sarcasm: The Semi-Autobiographical Story of Patrick Baumhart, and I Swear I Don’t Wet the Bed Anymore: The Probably-Autobiographical Story of Patrick Baumhart. He is the recipient of the 2013 Baumhart Grant, and enjoys long walks on the beach. He lives on the Baumhart family ranch in a remote mountain town in the Swiss Alps with his pet armadillo named Jose Cuervo.

Patrick getting jiggy with it.
Patrick getting jiggy with it.

One thought to “The Most Interesting Man in the World (Sorry Dos Equis Guy…)”

  1. Pat,

    I like that everything you write is so infused with your voice. Your bio reads smoothly. It seems like you carefully considered each part. Maybe it just rolled off the tongue but every piece of it from the title to the picture and caption work very well together. You have easy, natural humor in your writing and that’s a great thing. Good work.

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