What’s it like to live with six crazies?

Yes, I’m referring to the residents of my house. But don’t worry, they’re not that crazy. They’re just quirky and I love them for it. So much so that my semester long project is going to be all about them and their antics. In fact, my project was inspired by one of my roommates. This evening, I sat on my couch, quite bothered and dejected. I still had no idea what to do for my project. It had to be interesting to me, because I would have to work with it all semester and it had to be bigger than me. I briefly explained my dilemma to my roommate, and she immediately had a wonderful stroke of imagination. She said “well, we keep joking about how we need to make a TV show about what goes on in this house. Why don’t you do that, but just write about it instead?” It was brilliant, and it’s exactly the kind of project I’d enjoy.

I love learning about people. I love people watching, reading about people, hearing stories about people, you name it. I find it all fascinating. For this reason, I read lots of biographies. One particular autobiography, BossyPants by Tina Fey, serves as a sort of inspiration for the way in which I’d like to write my memoir. Tina manages to tell stories in a way that is both humorous and interesting, which I truly admire and would like to emulate in my own writing. If you’ve ever heard Tina speak, it’s even better. For example, in this excerpt Tina manages to discuss her scar and how it effects her life in such a way that is both heartbreaking and funny at the same time. To me, the way in which you tell a story is just as important as the content of the story. This is why I turn to the almighty Tina.


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  1. Funny. The word crazie (spelled that way) reminds me of the movie, The Crazies. It was about a husband and wife in a small town in Iowa that went crazy after a toxin contaminated their water supply. I can’t remember if I went to the movies to see it or watched it on tv with my mom, nonetheless, it was indeed a little scary and “crazie”. As far as the topic, I thin k its a great idea and I may know the person that helped you brainstorm how to make your roommates lives into short stories;-) Her name starts with an L and rhymes with Boren?

    As for Tina Fey, I love her. Didn’t even know she had a biography out there, but I will definitely look into reading/listening to it. I would do it now, but I’m at work and I might laugh out loud.

  2. “To me, the way in which you tell a story is just as important as the content of the story.”

    Very true–or perhaps it’s even more important. Isn’t it interesting how, given the exact same stories, two writers will produce completely different narratives? Or how good writers can take even the most ordinary happenings and make them engaging?

    For your topic, it sounds like these are no ordinary stories. I think it’s good how you’re already considering certain choices you want to make as a writer, especially with regard to style. As you mentioned, emulating the styles of writers you admire, such as Tina Fey, will be a great help along the way.

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