Who Am I? – A Casual Identity Crisis and Introduction

Samantha Lentz was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. Currently, she is living in Ann Arbor giving espresso to already over-caffeinated engineers at the University of Michigan until she can get an actual, adult job. Her current aspirations include actually writing a book, learning to play the ukulele, and graduating college.┬áSpecial skills include knowing all the words to Vanilla Ice’s one-hit wonder, “Ice Ice Baby” and being able to solve the Rubik’s cube. Her roommates affectionately call her “Smiz.”

Samantha in her natural habitat

2 thoughts to “Who Am I? – A Casual Identity Crisis and Introduction”

  1. This bio is just all kinds of real and sassy and I LOVE it. I like how you use “actually” – it really underscores that weird, dream-world feel college can sometimes have. I also think your last line really cinches the piece and kind of steps back so that we get a view of your life from another perspective. So excited to see what else you’ll write!

  2. I also really enjoyed this bio. In just five sentences you have already given more than simply a taste of your voice as a writer, and more than simply a snapshot of your personality–both of which are quirky and interesting. If the blurb of text for your bio doesn’t get the job done, the picture and caption you chose seal the deal. Sassy and to the point, your expression in this photo of ‘your natural habitat’ fits the attitude of the text in a seamless fashion. Looking forward to seeing some more of your writing throughout the course!

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