A Beautiful Body.

The older I get, the harder this gets. They tell you that you that confidence rises as you grow older, wiser, more educated, more worldly. That insecurity subsides. That opinion becomes kinder, more rationale and grounded. That support turns unwavering. That you will finally, really see yourself, all of you. Yet sometimes, I think  we live our whole lives trying to remember the most basic things.

1. At this moment, I have a goldfish-dressed-in-an-astronaut-suit temporary tattoo inside my left forearm. I will always find joy in the child-like.

2. At this moment, I’m also wearing not one but three Rainbow Loom bracelets. (All the rage.) I will always be bold, even in the choice of neon rubber bands around my wrist.

3. At this moment, I am gorgeously myself. I will always be gorgeously myself.

Here’s to our beautiful bodies, because you have a beautiful body. And if nothing else, dare to write words like this because they are important. Write them. Say them. Mean them.

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