You’ve Probably Never Heard of Phill Di Censo

Who is this kid, you ask? Phill Di Censo is far from a household name in the literature world but he likes to think that he is on his way. The tuba playing, fraternity brother, and self-proclaimed “horn-dog” hails from Birmingham Michigan and has been captivating small audiences with his poems for years now. Raunchy and uncensored, Di Censo has been know to offend older women with his work since 2011 at his high school’s poetry slam. Phill knew from an early age that writing was his destiny and he is hoping to publish his first book in the near future. Until then, his only taste of fame comes from humiliating all his friends in Madden.  I hope you all enjoy reading his work throughout this semester and beyond.

2 thoughts to “You’ve Probably Never Heard of Phill Di Censo”

  1. I think what I like the most about this bio is the honesty. Brutal honesty is a better way to put it. And it works. Really well. We learn a lot about you through facts that don’t typically come up in a standard introduction. The bit about offending older women with your work in your high school’s poetry slam was my favorite. It was so unique and unexpected and it definitely made me stop and think about it. In that way, your bio strays from the typical author bio yet still reveals a lot about yourself in a funny yet honest way. And that’s why I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. Phill-
    I loved the style of your bio! Like Sam said, the in-your-face honesty helped to really establish your personality in a way that stands out. Like, calling yourself a “self-proclaimed horn-dog” and “raunchy and uncensored,” and saying you offend people, but being really light toned and comedic about it was brilliant. I also think all of these statements made an interesting contrast with how you emphasize that no one’s ever heard of you– you state your obscurity and then create a really big personality for yourself, which was cool! Great job!

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