Different Writing, Different Views

What excites me most about writing at this point in my life is the ability of a writer to deliver a number of ideas in a number of ways to a number of different audiences. It has always been extremely interesting to me that two very different ideas about one thing can be expressed simply based on the writing. To me, that expresses the realistic nature of writing. There are generally a large range of feelings, ideas, and opinions revolving around one event or one topic. It is truly realistic that so many of these varying ideas are able to be expressed through writing. This may have to do with the writer and their own beliefs, a certain assignment they were forced to write about, the varying tones, the varying themes, etc.

This is exactly why I am interested in pursuing a career in the publishing industry. In publishing, your main purpose is to deliver idea(s) to a certain audience. The way in which these ideas are expressed is largely dependent on the writing of those ideas.

As a quick example, I googled “review of Jimmy Fallon’s first late night appearance.” These two articles came up as two of the first hits from google. These two articles are not extremely different in content, but write in very different ways. Reading one over the other would certainly sway your beliefs, without watching yourself, about Jimmy Fallon’s first late night appearance!

People Magazine Article 

Ny Daily News Article 

Check them out and see what i mean (:

3 thoughts to “Different Writing, Different Views”

  1. Hi Karly,

    Thanks for the interesting post! I think you bring up a very intriguing point – it is pretty unbelievable how simply a different tone of voice or writing style, even with the same content, can completely sway your opinion on the matter. After reading those two articles, I feel as though I have been presented with two completely different perspectives on the matter (although, I did watch the show myself and am in love with Jimmy Fallon!). This really makes me think about the power of the written word and the endless possibilities it has.

  2. Your blog post makes me think about the role of persuasion in my writing. I think it’s very interesting that the same idea can be written and framed in different ways as to make people take opposing views.

    I wonder how you could transform the notion of “different writing, different views” into a more specific question for your writer’s evolution essay? Something to think about.

  3. Karly, you’re so right about the power of written words to persuade, and I agree that this is one of the most exciting aspects of writing. In fact, the power of language is so great that with its use comes great responsibility. This is just a suggestion, but maybe you could consider the ethics of rhetoric in your writer’s evolution essay. I think it could be really interesting to take a look at how good writing can influence people–for better or for worse. As the articles you linked demonstrate, the media especially knows and makes full use of this inherent characterisitc of writing.

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