A Second Look at My Writing

At this point in my life, I am recognizing all of the possibilities my future could entail. I think my writing reflects that, and that is why I am excited to write. I am at the point where I take an interest in the future, whether through culture, politics or health, because I am a senior in college. I graduate in May and from there, I feel that it is truly up to me to determine my future with the support of my family and friends.

Right now, I am thinking about my Writer’s Evolution Essay and the main (subject to change) argument I am making is this:

“My writing extends from the very subjective to the very analytical and at first, my samples do not perfectly correlate. However, looking further, I realize that each sample reflects something important to me that was going on in my life at that moment. When I take a second look at my writing, I see that it reflects an abstract timeline of what I have thought about extensively”

When I think about my future, I think I incorporate inspirations from my past, present and events that have made an impact on my life. I am excited to write about these concepts because it helps me sort out my thoughts and further research what is important to me and how it relates to other people.

In the scholarly sense, I have researched everything from the history of coffee, the politics behind the Equal Rights Amendment and currently, the Olympics in the context of globalization. In contrast, I use social media to interact with my friends and because it is through sources like Facebook and Instagram, my writing and these interactions become documented. Since I am thinking about a lot of different issues, I am excited to see where my writing takes me.

2 thoughts to “A Second Look at My Writing”

  1. This post and Kat’s post are actually quite similar this time around in that you’re both so positive about the future, and that’s great! I like that you basically said that your writing = possibilities. And you’re right, the possibilities ARE endless. Since you said that your writing reflects an abstract timeline, I’m curious as to whether you will actually create a timeline reflecting what you thought about during that time period. I think it would be an interesting visual both for you and your reader!

  2. It’s funny all the commonalities you can find when you look back on writing that–at the time–didn’t seem connected at all. So what are some of the commonalities for you? In thinking about where you want to go once you graduate, are there any common threads you keep coming back to when you take that second look at your writing? Whether it be in your academic work or things that kept popping up in conversations you had in social media with your friends–there are bound to be some. Something to think about!

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