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An image from the Buzzfeed list.
An image from the Buzzfeed list.

For my repurposing project, I’ve decided to write an open letter to Buzzfeed.  I started to do a little research on the news (social) and entertainment giant because really, I didn’t know much about it.  Buzzfeed is a regular on my Facebook newsfeed and a guilt inducing distraction for me with its endless lists- because everyone knows Buzzfeed is the ultimate source when you’re wondering what you are and are not doing right in your life.

Buzzfeed was created in 2006 by a graduate student at MIT.  He was probably procrastinating.  It’s amazing how influential it has become since then.  It always amazes me that one source, especially one that might be casually read out of boredom or procrastination, can start to change the way with think.  I hope the writers at Buzzfeed are very conscious of that.

The work I chose to repurpose is a mock Consider article that I wrote one side of for an English class.  It is about ethical eating and organic and locally grown food.  I’m going to stray a little bit from that topic to talk about disordered eating in college via Buzzfeed.  I came across a classic Buzzfeed list about food called “21 Signs Your Relationship With Food Has Gotten Out of Control” and I didn’t like what it said.  What bothered me is the casual and belittling way it brings up a incredibly prevalent and damaging trend among college students.  In this college environment, our “relationship” with food has indeed gotten out of control.  I want to address the type of disordered eating college students face and the potential students have to carry these issues with them after they graduate.

The issue I want to address is different than eating disorders and I think it is relatable to a lot of college students.  I hope this piece will convey a message and do so in a hopeful, optimistic manner.  That is how I think about this topic.  We, as college students, need to change the way we think about food to free ourselves from cycles of fixation on food choices, guilt, and frustration.  Everybody should love food and its troublesome that so many of us spend so much time wrestling with food choices.

So Buzzfeed and I are going to have a talk.  I hope you enjoy the project.

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