Capstone Project #RayRay

I figured I should finally post my capstone project idea.  Better late than never, right?

My rough idea for this project started with combining my Psychology major with something I have always been interested in but have never written about.  I want to mesh or blend fashion, specifically focusing on personal style, with the labeling theory of psychology.  In summary, this theory addresses stereotypes and the “labels” we place on others.  The labeling theory suggests that these labels are negative and cause distress on the psyche of the labeled person.  I want to use personal style to show that embracing a label you give yourself, or the “label” in the literal sense that you wear can actually have positive effects on your state of mind, and give you a greater sense of self -confidence.  When I talk about style, I mean what/how a person would describe their outward appearance is or what it means to them based off of what they decide to wear every day.  While not everyone has a specific label for their style, I think that everyone does have something in mind when they get dressed in the morning.  What they choose says something about them.

The form would be a written component where I discuss this theory and the project process, along with a video of people I interview about their style.  If a video doesn’t work out (I’m not the most tech savvy) then I would make a blog or a photo essay accompanied by audio of the people I interview.


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  1. I think that this will be a very interesting thesis and point to address/argue. I think this because I hold the exact opposite stance as you do but hold no background in fashion nor psychology so to hear your perspectives would enlighten me and perhaps change my mind!

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