Choose Love Over A Desk

What excites you most about writing at this point in your life and why?

I laughed when I read this question, and then I thought, “Easy.”  Even as a minor in writing, I haven’t felt like there were a lot of opportunities to write about what made me passionate, what makes my skin crawl with excitement, what have nagging at me in the back of my mind.  And then this project happened, and sweetland is actually letting me get away with planning the next year of my life for credit?? It’s insane and wonderful and I love it.


What excites me about writing at this point in my life is that I finally feel I have come into my own voice, and I don’t feel that I need to ask permission to say what I mean or wonder “Will my professor be made if I drop an f-bomb in my post…?”  What excites me is that I have found what I want to talk about–adventuring–and talking to this community has pushed me into doing.  Talking and writing about what I want out of life has helped me realize that the things I want aren’t vague impossibilities–they’re possible, and I AM going to make them happen.  I’m excited because for the first time in my life I realize just how many stories I have to tell, the stories I’m about to live during the next year, and the wealth of material I’ll have when I cross the finish line back into Michigan in fall of 2015.  I’m desperately in love with life, and I’m so deliciously at the beginning.

Every time I meet underclassmen and they discover that I’m a senior, I get asked if I’m sad.  Sad to be leaving, sad to be moving into the real world, sad that college is over.  But I’m not–not in the slightest.  What excites me about writing at this moment in my life is that it gives me a medium to explain why I’m not sad to be moving on.  The kids who ask me if I’m sad to enter the “real” world define “real” as boring: the 9-5 desk job where you slave away your youth under awful florescent lights.  That’s not what I call the real world.  And right now Macklemore is in my head shouting “A generation of kids choosing love over a desk.” Writing for this project is helping me explain what I do think the real world is: everything just outside your comfort zone.  And I’m about to plunge into it head first.  What could possibly be more exciting than that?

2 thoughts to “Choose Love Over A Desk”

  1. I’m not sure if Julie told you, but it’s you, me, and Jourdan in a blog group now! Anyway, I love this post because it’s so amazingly hopeful. And you’re right, any underclassman that discovers I’m a senior also asks the same thing. Fortunately, you seem to have a great vision of your future and the steps you’re taking to go outside of your comfort zone. It’ll be great to carry out your project too because it’s essentially the next stepping stone to fulfilling your dream of a year long road trip. I can’t lie, the whole 9-to-5 thing scares me. In fact, it’s one of my worst fears. I couldn’t agree more that we need to “choose love over a desk,” which is actually quite a catchy phrase.

  2. Great post, I think we have very similar thoughts in regards to the future! I am a very hands-on learner so I find any type of hands-on experience more helpful and interesting. People keep asking me if I am sad to leave, and yes I will miss this university, but is a lot more to the future to get excited about. I think you sum it up perfectly when you say “choose love over a desk”. If you were to reflect on your time here, do you think you have done that?

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